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Xiaomi Mijia Scooter M365 Electric Scooter Review & Unboxing (English)

Xiaomi Mijia Scooter M365 Electric Scooter Review & Unboxing (English)

So in this huge box here that I’ve got
is the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter so it’s a scooter that has a
range of around twenty to thirty kilometers so they claim. I find thirty a
little bit hard to believe. So this massive box has come all the way from
China it looks like it hasn’t been damaged at all which is a good sign it
came from gearbest now I’m a little annoyed because I paid 449 us for this
and literally a week later there’s a new coupon that came out that I found that
you can get this for 399 so didn’t have to take any import tax on this which is
really good it just was quite slow to get here it took approximately 15 I
think 15-16 days from the time I ordered it to the guy dropping it off. So some
spec’s of this while I’m just getting it out of here we’ve got a peak 500 watt
front hub motor that the normal rating is 250 Watts you can see that I have to
do some part assembling of this here’s the front handlebars here they’ve got
the brake lever and everything got particular wrapping on there so there
are the four screws and the tool we need to put the handlebars in so there we go
all unpacked like anyhow to fit it on my desk here first impressions the build
quality is really good the materials the finish paint job the welds on it and
that’s all I had to assemble which was this the top handlebar that I showed you
before one of the screws is really hard to screw into place this one right here
and I can’t get it right in because the tool doesn’t really give me enough room
with the headlight there so I’m going to have to find some tools I’ve got a home
and put that in properly later the charge we got here in the box it’s ready
to 42 volts 1.7 amps and they also included this adapter here so you can
extend from the valves when you need to pump up the wheels they seem to be
reasonably inflated at the moment I just checked them but it probably would be a
good idea to put some more air in there so you don’t give yourself any pinch
flat there is an instruction manual leaflet here which really isn’t that
helpful because it’s all in Chinese as to be expected so the rear axle here
has a disc brake you can see now it’s not a hydraulic brake this is a cable one
so the pull cable style and it does have this little tiny kickstand which feels
like it’s made out of metal the build quality overall really is quite good to
this top here is rubber feels quite grippy so you shouldn’t slip off that if
you have a look at the welds to where the main housing joins up with the front
very good welds there and there are these reflectors too on the side both
the front and rear wheels have these plastic mud guards again the build
quality of them is quite good this one of course has the motor inside there
which says on the side they’re high power brushless motor now getting these
tires could be quite difficult now this could be one of the weaknesses I feel of
the scooter that if you get a flat it’s probably quite hard to change to remove
that but there are some guides on YouTube how to do that and you can
source these tires apparently from aliexpress there are some sellers that
do have them but they cost around 25 usd each so they’re not exactly cheap so the
front left side of it that’s where the charging port is it’s got a rubber cap
that covers that so that means that dust water and other things shouldn’t get in
there and block it up and cause problems later on now it takes five and a half
hours to charge there’s quite a long time and Shoni does recommend that you
charge it everytime after using it and that way you’ve got maximum battery
there so you’re not going to get stuck short with only say thirty percent
battery now it’s quite ingenious how it clips into the rear mudguard where the
ballast or the bowel mechanism you just have to push that and flip that up and
then the handlebars there are free but you see that it clips into the back
there that is made out of rubber locks in place and then you’re able to lift it
up and walk up some stairs or put it under your desk or you can’t boot it it
is quite heavy though 12.5 kilos means it’s not a light scooter the latching
mechanism here to where you put the handlebars out is really well-made you
simply just pull up this lever to secure the handlebars in place that locks that
there’s no way that’s going to come down on you so the controls are straight
Ford on the left we have the brake lever and to accelerate as this right here
suppressing that’s down once you kick off you can accelerate using bat and to
turn it on with the button here so cycling through the various different
modes that when you first power it on you can tell me that I’ve got at the
moment around 100 percent or 75 percent battery the way that’s flashing there
that’s the normal mode your standard mode and I think it’s pressing it twice
quickly that then puts it into Eco mode to get your maximum range but that
limits the top speed to 100 sorry to 18! kilometers per hour and in the normal
mode it’s 25 max now pressing it just once there cycles the headlight on and
off and this is the kind of power you can expect out of that headlight it
seems reasonable enough there that it should light your way I mean it’s not a
super powerful light I give it count because it would probably drain the
battery too much and on taillight it’s on continuously when you have the
headlights on and it’s not that bright you can see it is tiny too so not really
that visible but it is better than nothing and as you can see it flashes
when you apply the brakes and then pairing it offers just hold down the
power button and you will hear a confirmation beep telling what’s off so
when you plug it in to charge you get a confirmation beep and the taillight will
also pulse in and out to show you that it’s currently charging so connecting it
up to the app is really easy just go into play store you download ninebot
it’s all in English the Segway app and it will tell you the battery levels the
speed you are doing – if you happen to run it when you’re on it and your
remaining mileage which is telling me at the moment because it’s still charging
not at a hundred percent yet but it’s telling me I’ve got 26 kilometers there
there are some other settings in here most importantly would be your firmware
update now my one this model that I got from gearbest as mentioned is running
the latest firmware so no problems there don’t need to update it but if you did
have a dated one then it would prompt you to download and update it now there
is this thing here called cruise control system which is quite handy it’s
disabled by default so enabling this what that does you can see it’s just
telling me there is that when you hold the button down
for more than five seconds it will beep and it will hold your speed which is
great so you can continue on and as soon as you tap the brake or the speed it
will come off just like a cars cruise control other things in there as well as
the accelerator mode you can set that to weak medium or strong so the stronger it
is the more it will slow down as soon as you take your finger off the throttle
there it should hopefully recover some of the battery percent so regenerative
braking that it’s got one thing I’ve noticed they haven’t tested it yet but
it seems that deep brake it doesn’t exactly come on very strong but maybe it
is like this by design but you can adjust it you can see there is an
adjustment thread there so if you wind that out it should mean it should come
on a little faster okay so here we go first attempt now entering this
one-handed because I’m holding your gimbal which probably isn’t the wisest
so don’t do this at home kids so I’m ready turned on the button it did
the beep and you need to kick off and then apply gas so this is the maximum
wheel lock here it doesn’t give you a lot but I think that’s the safest kind
of limit there so it’s good that they’ve done this any more than that and I would
say your risk tipping over coming off so the ground clearance isn’t really that
high the problem is if you go down the curb there’s a real high chance that
you’ll probably bottom out on one of the curb stones the underside of it that’ll
scratch it but it could also mean you come to a complete halt and that will
throw you off the scooter so it is really easy to ride it’s just kick off
and the balance of it’s easy to get a hang off I think anyone can ride on this
he just press the accelerator where you go if you’re not happy with how fast
you’re going course he applied a break or you just take your finger off the
accelerator and then it will slow down by itself from the resistance and the
motor so it’s not super fast but it does feel adequate it feels fast enough on a
notice that going up hills that it will work or slow down a little but it does
have plenty of talk behind a plenty of grunt to make it up most gradients now
when it does get quite steep then you probably will have to step off and help
push along to get started again if it is very steep so far
to summarize this this is awesome loads of fun. I’ve had so much fun
driving around town on this it’s got plenty of power
I think sufficient for most people it’s not a speed demon it doesn’t get up to
scary fast levels where you feel like always should ease off
apply the brakes, no not like that stability is really good because it
weighs 12.5 kilos it’s quite hefty that added weight just makes it feel a lot
more stable the way the tires on them the fact that they’ve got inner tubes in
them they absorb some of those bumps and things makes it feel and give you
confidence when riding and it is very easy to ride as you’ve seen you just
kick off on the accelerator or where you go anyone can ride this so there’s a
couple of cons here my unit has something going on with the brake pads
perhaps or their brake mechanism it just doesn’t apply enough pressure now I have
adjust at the cable I think I need to tweak it again but most of the braking
is coming from the front hub with the resistance coming from the motor there
so that will slow you down and it was has got electronic ABS braking in there
so we’ll never lock up the front wheel has been controlled which is a good
security thing because if you lock up the front wheel if you’re someone that
rides scooters then you know what can happen boom boom you hit your face on
the ground or maybe not your face but it won’t be pretty so that is good it gives
you a lot of confidence running around now ground clearance on the bottom is
another problem I found that I tried to jump down a curb and I didn’t lift the
front up enough or I wasn’t going fast enough
it’ll ground out I would lucky that it only ground out a little on the bottom
but if I’d hit it really hard and full-on able to come to a full stop and
I would have been thrown off the scooter so this clearly is not for jumps or
anything like that don’t do any of that kind of silly jumps and stunts. no it’s
going to end in tears if you’re a kid you want to try things like that I know
I would have so don’t bother with that. Charge time yet once I trashed it from
when I first got it was around fifty percent to get to 96 percent was
actually quite quick that took only about an hour and a half but full
charges around five hours the power supply does get really really hot and
you that’s really about the only cons I’ve
found apart from the big one which is the range their claim or 30 kilometers
no no way no way with my weight 81 kilos No way I’m I going to be able to get
thirty one kms out of this I will be happy if I can get around 18 but ideally
just looking at the couple of kilometers that I’ve done or was at 3 or 4 and the
battery that I lost if I was accelerating quite aggressively most of
the time on this the whole time I think it’s only around 15 kilometers max I
don’t know where they got 30k from not going to happen so if you want to do
high mileage on this high case to your working back or to school and back
University make sure your trips are only about 15k return otherwise you’re going
to get stuck somewhere you have to carry that battery charger with you alright so
I will be back with a follow-up video of this because I think that I need to use
this for a week or two and report back on the kind of range I can get out of it
but most importantly how it’s holding up is it going to start falling to pieces
am I going to get pinched flats or flat tires and things I’ll update you on that
thanks for watching I hope you liked this video if you did please thumbs up
and if you’re new to the channel and you like these kind of videos why don’t
think about subscribing also any comments please leave them down in the
comment section below. Bye for now


Hi! I wanted to buy this scooter, but the coupon expired and the shipping cost is over $200!! Do you know where I can buy this for cheaper??

These are awesome. I got rid of the car and use for my daily commute. I got mine from They have deals on right now

I have been the happy owner of this scooter since May 2017, I have done about 800kms and here are my comments:
– the only big issue comes from the tires… I punctured several times in a short period of time, before switching to solid tires. No problem since then, it is a bit more unconfortable though, but nothing to be concerned of.
– This is a FUN way to comute. I have been to many places with it, like restaurants, government buildings, bars, the gym… no problem whatsoever to get in with the scooter.
– This will raise some curiosity though, so be prepared to be asked about it. It can be a little awkward for some people.
– It is very easy to use, travel, fold, unfold…
– The range is getting better with time, the first uses were about 18kms as the reviews says, but it gets to 25 kms (I weight 72 kgs)
Overall, I would definitely recommend it, however I would also recommend to change the air tire to solid ones as soon as you punture for the first time.
Feel free to ask me whatever you need (I have no business with Xiaomi 🙂 )

Hi, What can you tell me about "youth edition" of Xiaomi electric scooter – Is it worth buying since it is about 100$ cheaper?

I was wondering… the port in the preview looks familiar… And it was Dénia! I live in La Xara 🙂

I am considering purchasing one, for getting to work/uni, which for me is about 10km round trip. My question is, how tall are you? because I'm 6'1", so I don't want to be awkwardly hunching over the scooter – Thanks!

Here's a tip…. Not everyone speaks Metric, try both Metric / American then maybe I might follow you.

Interesting… their 30km claim is at 15kph… and it takes a lot more energy to go twice as fast… so would be interesting to see what range you'd get if you kept it to no more than 15kph… (possibly 20+ km?)

I have ME/CFS, so my energy levels are very low. I'm thinking about getting this scooter to get me down to the shops and back home. It's only about 10km total there and back, so it should be sufficient.

Lame scooter ! I have the ecorecoscooter made in California USA screw China !!!
I have the ecorecoscooter L5 Plus on my channel 25mph top speed 20-40 mile distance. Solid metal top quality. So glad I got it !!!
Come to my channel

18.6 miles long-distance range on a single full charge measured under the following conditions: 165 lbs load, 77°F weather temperatures, flat road without strong winds, power saving mode, and 15km/h constant speeds. Results may vary based on different weight loads, temperature, wind speed, operating habits, and other factors.

ชอบๆๆ ครับ. ผมขอได้ไหมครับ. อยากได้เอาไว้เล่นครับ

It 's gonna be fun if i have this one . I've been following a foldable electric scooter called Alllu VehiGo. Hope i could ride on it in the future days

i dont understand, after it runs out of battery, you cant just use it as a regular scooter? it locks the wheels or something?

any advise please im choosing between this one and swagtron t6. I just need to get to office 5km away.

Great video. You're not saying anything about adjustment of handlebars height. Is it possible? You seem a little bit hunched while driving. How tall are you?

Hi, can someone please write me who has this Xiaomi m365 how many km can you go with it and will bracket be small for me cause I'm almost 190cm high. Thanks in advance.

is this the same as the bird scooters? does it have GPS or can you lock it and leave it on the street like the rental ones? or is there a kit you can buy to add GPS and locking ability?

I'm guessing the only way to lock this up is with a bike lock? Run it through the back wheel? And I'm guessing people will try to unlock your scooter with the Bird app.

Can someone give me an opinion about the climbing gradient? It's about 14 degrees, but I'm not sure is enough for my case so before buy it I'd like to know more 🙂 Thanks!

Hi nice summary accurate except I brought one of these 2 days ago and today done just shy of 30km. Here in auckland n.z is very hilly and I had to work quite hard kicking to get it up some of the hills but you could see the battery level going up on downhill. Although I didn't know it I was in economy mode (I thought the green light just meant the scooter was on haha) but I weight 85 kg so I think the max 30km is correct. thanks again I would like to see a vid on the apps there are alot and I don't know how they all work or the best ones. Steve

Hi Them, I would like to know from which city of Spain you have made the video? Please do more videos about mechanics and repairs of the Xiaomi Mi M365. Thank you and good luck.

I’m late to this but I was watching your footage of you using the scooter around town – a town that seemed familiar to me. It WAS Denia! An excellent coastal town and usually just the right weather for scootering around on.
Do you know what the Spanish laws are for street legal scooters? Do any such laws exist locally, provincially or nationally?

Ce ABS ești nebun, nu ai frână pe roata din fata doar electromagnetica nu ai nici un ABS ești nebun, e frână pe fata ce încarca puțin bateria, irelevant, frână e doar pe spate pe disc, de unde inventezi toate prostiile astea cum ca se blochează roată din fata și pici, etc. Ești inventator vorbești aiurea cea ce nu cunoști despre acea trotineta.

Because yours was sent from China, the instructions are in Chinese. I purchased mine in the USA, the instructions were in multiply languages, English Spanish and French, but no Chinese language at all.

I guess you should not charge to a 100%, but maybe just to maybe 90% to reduce wear of the battery. Like on electric cars, it's only recommended to charge to 90% on a daily basis, and then only charge to a 100% when you are going on a longer trip.

I thought something is wrong with my battery cause I only could pass 15km max, but after seeing your video I feel a bit more relaxed, but still a bit disappointed 🙂

I need more stopping power – Setting the KERS (RegEn) to STRONG – Will
it increase my stopping power than compared to WEAK – my disc brake is
not too efficient… Thanks.

I need more stopping power – Setting the KERS (RegEn) to STRONG – Will
it increase my stopping power than compared to WEAK – my disc brake is
not too efficient… Thanks.

I have the ninebot mini. Pretty fun but have to go slow over bumps. I was also thinking of getting that scooter. My weight is 220lb, I wonder how many km I can get on a full charge ? The ninebot I get 22km

Well that curb thing is something that your countries don't really think about I guess…
In Croatia for eg. we have low curbs maybe a few mm in the air on the side that's meant for bicycles…
So basically there's a meter or so that's almost low to the ground and the rest is normal like your curb…
I mean that's just smart design…
You don't really want to hurt your balls or legs depending what you're riding on.
But in a few days i'm finally buying myself this model.

Does it comes with a little bit of charge power out of the box? I don't have a car, and it seems there's no handle for the box. Assembling it at the store seems more realistic in my situation.

It is a lovely concept, but I think it would probably draw too much attention from the Old Bill here in the UK.
This Scooter is probably deemed to be illegal for use on the roads and with a cycling ban in all pedestrian areas and on the pavements, there's nowhere left to use it.

We need to change our laws and promote this clean and fun method of travel.

I just got it today. I'm in New Zealand. Ordered it online last night, collected it from a PB Tech store this afternoon. I found the exact problem with that screw. The other three went in smoothly but that fourth one I had to remove it a couple of times and angle it the right way to get it in properly and yeah the chord did get in the way as well. I'm currently charging the battery up.

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