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You Won’t Believe What This Machine |Bajaboard| Can Do ▶4

You Won’t Believe What This Machine |Bajaboard| Can Do ▶4

The industry of skateboards has taken a steep turn with much-advanced electric options providing an alternative to the older versions of manual skateboards. You can now enjoy boarding with technology in full swing and feel the thrill all through. At Bajaboard, we manufacture off-road electric skateboard, off-road powered skateboard, 4×4 skateboard, and all-terrain skateboard. Give your passion for adventure the full-suspension thrust of our motorized skateboard design will fulfill your desire for ultimate off-roading fun. The BajaBoard is the most powerful, off-road, all-terrain, electric powered skateboard. With top speeds of 55km/hr, and enough power to tow a car, Bajaboard is a unique, one of a kind adrenaline toy. Unlike other electric skateboards and mountain-boards, the BajaBoard features a chassis design with a fully sophisticated suspension system. BajaBoard introduced the world’s first fully sophisticated suspension system into e-board and included high power motors, making its board four-wheel-drive, as well as independent steering, traction control, and electronic differential. Each of these combines to provide a stable, smooth, and durable ride. Riders choose it because of the adrenaline rush they get from high speeds, pulling off great tricks, shared camaraderie with fellow BajaBoarders, and sharing in the beauty of the terrain they are riding in. The G4 is the e-board of choice for pretty much all general riding conditions. This includes tarmac, grass, gravel and dirt. Even though it isn’t as powerful as the G4X, the G4 still has more grunt than the conventional electric skateboard. So you still be at the head of the pack in group rides. The G4 has the additional advantage of being able to achieve 15% longer range than the G4X. And with its independent suspension and shock absorption system, it feels like you are floating on a cloud during your journey. So if range and ride comfort is more important to you, then the BajaBoard G4 is the way to go. Bear in mind, it is still freaking powerful regardless of how much we downplay it. The BajaBoard G4X is the POWERHOUSE of the BajaBoard family. With 4 motors (one driving each wheel), the G4X will accelerate you from 0 to 50kph in just 3 seconds. For general cruising, the front motors can be switched off to conserve battery. And they can be switched on remotely the moment you hit a rough patch. G4X has in-built TRACTION CONTROL and ELECTRONIC DIFFERENTIAL which you can disable. It’s also no slouch when it comes to range – with a 180-190lbs rider, the G4X is capable of reaching up to and OVER 30KM on a single charge. If you want the ultimate joy-riding e-board, then the BajaBoard G4X is the machine of choice. Top Speed – 60kph | 37mph Small Battery Option – 550Wh: 22km | 13.5mi Large Battery Option – 900Wh: 34km | 21mi Hill Climb – 45% grade Max Payload – 160kg | 350lbs for general cruising Motors – 4 x 63mm brushless motors, rear wheels Recharge Time – 2hrs (550Wh battery), 3.5hrs (900Wh battery) BajaBoard S2 is a unique electric “skateboard” based on BajaBoard’s brand new and patent-pending mono-shock suspension system design. A lighter and smaller alternative to the G4 and G4X, the S2 still offers plenty of power and speed where it counts. With a top speed of 60kph and range up to 60km, it is truly a performance machine in a tight neat package. There are numerous configurations possible for the S2 depending on your requirements and budget. The S2 is a great all-rounder. For the commuting, besides the fact that the suspension is super stable and able to take on potholes without a sweat, the board’s light kit comes with headlights, brake lights and INDICATORS. Make your movement predictable for others will go a long way to improving the safety of your journey. For off-road, the S2 still comes out on top amongst the more mainstream “all-terrain” e-skates. We don’t rely just on the pneumatic wheels for give, we have an entire suspension/shock absorption system to take the impact of the trail. and with a maximum power configuration of 6,000W, the S2 can pretty much be tuned up to the power level of a G4X. You’ll be leaving other riders in your dust. As if a G4 or G4X isn’t different enough already, you can make them even more unique by personalizing their looks with custom color options and a few other upgrades including alloy rims, controller,. custom deck and custom color schemes.

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