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Young Dylan Covers Kendrick Lamar

Young Dylan Covers Kendrick Lamar

First of all, I always
love seeing you. But I love seeing what
you’re going to wear, because you just are
the coolest dresser. What are you wearing today? All Gucci, Ellen. All Gucci! [LAUGHING] I like it. It’s Gucci. And you got cats on there? Yeah, well can I tell
you why I like the cats? I’d love it. It’s because, like, Gucci always
puts cats on their clothing. And I like wildcats. And they be having
cheetahs on there, and all those types of cats. I just love it. Love it. Really? Have you always loved wild
animals like that, like cats? I just started to
like, in the summer, like kind of the late summer,
I just started to like them. I started watching
them on YouTube. Late summer. That’s the time people
start liking the cats in that late summer. Yeah. So you’re nine years old. Maybe that’s it. Your awareness. You’re more aware of
things because you’re nine years old now. What’s changed? Do you feel like you’re nine? I think I talk more deeper,
and I walk more different. And sometimes I
help my mom cook. We made chili together,
and we made eggs together. Wow. And you didn’t do that
when you were eight? Yeah, not really. Not really. That’s amazing. And you walk
different you think? Yeah. Just like more
confidence, or just older? Yeah, I get that
little confidence vibe. Yeah, that’s what it is. Yeah. And now you’re recording
your own music. Yeah. What are you writing? I’m writing about my life. I got a new song coming out. What’s it called? It’s called “Nevermind.” And it’s basically
talking about my life. Can I sing you a part? Yeah. (SINGING) My jet so
private, I’m a pilot. But like, really
it’s exaggerating. I really don’t have a jet. [LAUGHING] And I’m really not a pilot. Man, I wish I was a pilot. Yeah, well, this jet’s so
private you’re a pilot. Yeah. So you’re just exaggerating
about what your life is? Yeah. Yeah, that’s good. You could just
write about really what’s going on
in your life, too, like, cooking eggs with my
mom, something like that. You know? I should probably put
you on that song, too. That’d be good. Cooking eggs with my
mom, got my Gucci on. Yeah! Yeah, I see you Ellen. So you did something really
sweet for the homeless shelter. Tell everybody what you did. What I did was gave them
Cheerios, graham crackers, I gave a lot of homeless
people some food, and I gave them
some apple juice. And what made you
want to do that? Because you said, like,
be kind to one another. So I wanted to be kind to other
people that doesn’t have homes. [APPLAUSE] Like I said on the
first time, I always like helping homeless people. You’re so sweet. All right. What are you going
to perform today? I am going to perform
Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar. What song? What song? It is called I forgot. Hopefully you’ll remember
when you perform it. Yeah. All right. Well, good luck walking over
there and remembering the song. All right. Head on over. [CHEERING] [MUSIC – KENDRICK LAMAR – “BE
HUMBLE”] (SINGING) Nobody pray for me. Even a day for me. Way, yeah, yeah! Ay, I remember syrup sandwiches
and crime allowances. Finesse on them with
some counterfeits. But now I’m counting this. Parmesan where my
accountant lives. In fact, I’m downing this. D’usse with my boo bae, tastes
like Kool-Aid for the analysts. Girl, I can buy yo the
world with my paystub. I know it’s good, won’t you
sit it on my taste bloods. I get way too petty once
you let me do the extras. Pull up on your block,
then break it down, we playing Tetris. AM to the PM, PM
to the AM, funk. Eat up your per diem, you
just got to hate them, funk. If I quit your BM, I
still ride Mercedes, funk. If I quit this season, I
still be the greatest, funk. My left stroke just went viral. Right stroke put little
baby in a spiral. Soprano C we like to
keep it on a high note. Its levels to it, you and I
know, tell them be humble. Sit down. Everybody dance. Let’s get it. Be humble. Sit down. Be humble. Sit down. Be humble. Sit down. Everybody dance. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [CHEERING] Miss you, Ellen. Thank you! So awesome. All right. I already know it’s a surprise. Yeah, there’s a
surprise for you. OK. And I think you’re going
to like it a whole lot. So first of all,
you’re just awesome. And I love that you
help homeless people, and you help other
people, and that you care about wild
animals and wild cats. There is an organization that
protects all these animals. There are a lot of them. But there’s one that’s called
the World Wildlife Fund. And what we did is we adopted
a cheetah in your name. We made a donation, and
you have your own cheetah that is your cheetah. Oh my God! I know. It’s yours! That’s amazing! You’re saving this cheetah! Oh, thank you! Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMING] God!

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