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I haven’t been doing videos for a few
days but today I got a really nice deal for you Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict so i was away from these making videos for a few
days and the reason that happened is because I had to go to the dentist try
to deal with some wisdom tooth but that doesn’t really matter what does matter
is that today I’m gonna give you a really nice deal on some skates and they
are please please please are the power slide Trinity V 125 a few months ago I
did show you my v1 tense and basically it’s the same the other ones are the V
Jasper 110 these ones are black blacker than black I’ll just say that I don’t
know how to say blacker than black these are the black black black 125 I don’t
know let me check our slide see on trendy it’s not a power slice power
slide these are the power slide vente v venta 125 and vente is for darker than
dark blacker than black something like that so basically it has these system I
don’t know to call this thing it’s like a disc system that you can just use it
and the whole front of the skate will be closer to your food it’s actually super
super comfortable it comes with my feet recall liner just like my V 110 Jasper’s
in this case the the Flex of the cuff works really really nice I don’t know
why it is actually I don’t know if it’s because it doesn’t have screws on the
cuff basically you can take the cuff but the Flex of the cuff works really really
well it’s actually super comfortable it’s the eat more
the liner the frame it’s super solid it is a Trinity system one two tree it’s
suggested solid frame it comes with a back nine bearings
the wheels are power slides 125 86 a and the bearings like I said they’re good
smooth buttery good the profile of the wheels it’s like a bullet profile and
now the good thing about it I’m not being paid to do this I’m not being paid
by powerslide to do this I am NOT being paid by blade ville but you should know
that blade ville as the deal on the whole Vee skates line these these are
the 125 the Jasper one tends the red ones that I did review like two months
ago and also the radium 100 whites which are
the ones that somehow have some reflectors stuff so if you plan on
skating at 9 the 100 then not vente radium there were none the radium white
should be a good skate for you but they have a deal on this and what you should
know is if you go to double double W I’ll put it here
blade ville dot-com and if you order any of the v/line and if you use code lino
you got 25% discount these promotion will be available only while they are
stuck once the stock is gone they’ll take that promo art and it won’t work
anymore maybe I’ll be doing more of these promo codes with other shops in
Europe America we don’t know I can’t really tell you about that but I can
tell you that blade wheel is doing a 25% discount on the v/line including these V
125 vantablack so if you did like this video don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel give you sometimes I feel like it give me some thumbs up if you didn’t
go to blade you’ll buy these and use code lino and most important than
anything let’s just not forget why we all started skating because it’s fun
cheers guys ever not stay


Ótima iniciativa! No Brasil temos uma loja chamada Rolling Sports, eles são os revendedores oficiais da powerslide aqui, você pode entrar em contato com eles para fazer uma promoção parecida!

The skates look awesome. I mean, they're black. Can't go wrong with black. Love 'em.
86a sounds good too. I've never skated Powerslide skates, I love my Seba's, but these look very nice. It's all about the fit though, I'd have to try some out. I've been using my 110 wheel skates more (I'm too short for 125's), really enjoying them, and been working on my transitions, feels good! I feel I'm getting better every time I skate, loving it. Have fun rolling, friend. How's the ramp working out? Is it finished?

Oh man, I just ordered the 125mm dark lava and am waiting for them to be shipped over. These skates (with that funky lacing system) look more awesome though! 😡

must stop myself from watching promos for new skates

Damn so tempting, the issue I have with buying skates online is, that I'm a size 44 (EU) in shoe size and I have pretty broad feet. So usually 43's are too small and hurt and 44-45 tends to get just a bit too big and loose. But the discount is very very tempting. You might have to get a new LINO discount code in the future for me when I'm sure ;P

I was looking up at these skates. I always worry bout the lacing system if I were to take a tumble, guess that's why I stuck to traditional laces. But these sound pretty sweet as an entry into triskates or just inline in general.

Lino hey… erm I think you got something wrong my friend. I checked out the website and only the older V is on sale. Trinity modela are regular price as it appears to me 🙂

Thanks Lino, I am looking to get the white Radium ones. I am a bit concerned about the 125mm. Bladeville does not do VAT free shipping to overseas (non EU), they do ship to where I live, but a lot of online shops allow me to buy without VAT, so at the end, I am just saving on the VAT (Poland is 23%) which is not too bad. 🙂 I am still on the fence, but I might go for it.

Great videos Ricardo, you are growing a small fan base in Havana, Cuba. Would you make a tutorial on heat molding skates please?

I can't find them anywhere, I've been looking for a while. Power sides website doesnt have an order page. No one is selling these.

Hey Mr. Lino. 🙂 I just want to say thank you for your inspiration and motivation. I love your channel and watched a lot of your great videos. I just ordered one pair of these inline skates (but not with your password – from a german store) and CAN NOT wait to get them! 🙂 looking forward for great rounds with them.
Keep going – you are awesome, dude! :-)👍💪

Hi Mr. Ricardo.
Can you give me some advice please?
I want to by new 125 mm skates but I stil don't know if the powerslide swell 125 trinity dark lava or the POWERSLIDE V. TRINITY 125 Vanta Black is the better choice.
It is for long trips skating.
P.s. it's your fault that I want to be a good skater 🙂 thank you.

hello love your channel. i have a problem with these skates because i realized that there is no spare sliders in the market .is it save to skate them then ?

Hi Lino…love your channel. I am really interested with this V125 Vanta…but what is the difference between the V's VS Swell VS Kaze? I just need it for going the distance and no tricks. Which would you recommend? Comfy is very important for me because I am going for distance. TQ Lino…Fan from Malaysia

The laceing is called a Boa system. Its airline cable on a rachet cog. I've used them on snow board and ski boots. Both of them for over 10 years and no breakages.

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