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YouTube Morning Routine

YouTube Morning Routine

Ronald, wake up, we have to make a video for our gaming channel. Okay. Ronald, did you get out of bed? Yeah. Okay. Ronald, did you wake up? *inaudible* Hmm. What to play? Oh, I got an idea. Hmm. What game should I play today? Hmm. Lets play, Meepcity again. Check out the new jetpack toy, for sale at the toy stand. Looking at the playground! What! We have to check this out. (gasp) *faints* Oh my God. I need that. I need it! I think we are gonna get some fish so we can buy it. Okay, I think I am ready, to play the game. *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* Hey guys. This is Kriana. Today we are back inside Meepcity! Ciiiiiiittttttttttyyyyyy We are back in one of my favourite games, In the entire world. All right guys. I need to show you something. INSANE! Theres literally a jetpack here. You can literally, actually buy a jetpack. So what we are gonna do today, is get that jetpack. No matter what it costs! So guys, I hope you liked this video, if you did smash that like button! And I will see you guys all next time! Goodbye. There we go. *Click* *Click* *Click* Ronald, you’re not ready yet! Im ready let’s make a video! You’re not ready, you’re in your pajamas. Oh yeah. Naaaah. Ronald, you’re still in your pyjama pants. They won’t see that. Okay. Oh my god! Kriana’s account is crowded. We need to login to my account. There we go. Now, lets record a video. Oh yeah, I’m still naked. *laugh* Lets play, Robloxian Life. I need my lights on. (Note from the random person subtitling this): I’m too tired for this *clicking* sound. There we go. Hey peeps, its Ronald, and today welcome back into more minecraft. Wait I mean roblox, sorry. And we are playing Robloxian Life. And we have already got three little friends here. I *inaudible* Which is really unfortunate. Because I forgot to change my skin. Just a naked guy, with a bacon face. Oh, theres a ice-cream shop. Hmm So guys, I really hope you liked the video, and if you liked it enough, smash that like button! And be sure to subscribe! And I will all see you next time. Goodbye. How was the video? Good. *inaudible* That would be awesome! Viral video in pyjamas. Actually, I am going to make another one. Okay, I am going to watch more Dan’s (DanTDM) videos. So guys, we hope you liked this video! And this is literally how everyone gets ready, every single day, before his videos. No breakfast, in his pyjamas. Cause I’m a cool dude. So guys, tell us in the comments, to please put his pants on, before making his videos. Cause this is really disturbing. Nah! So we hope you liked this video! So make sure to press that like button! And subscribe if you haven’t yet! And we will see you all next time! Goodbye! *Outro Music*

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