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Hey You eatin’ my bananas? You sure about that kid?
‘Cause I’ve been eatin’ a lot of bananas today… …and I was really lookin’ forward to that last
one. Please, sir! I didn’t take any bananas! Oh, yeah? What about this? Oouuuhh! What’s this? *moist munch* You better start runnin’, kid. (internally) Oh gosh, he’s gonna squash me
like a bug! *moist squish* Stop, please! Don’t do this. It was just one banana. I-I’m sorry. Could you ever forgive me? All you had to do was ask. Blaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Yum.


Definitely kooky (in a good way). Great FX, I feel like it gets better with each video that uses it. The stop-motion bits were a nice touch and really gave it the "cartoon" feel. I would love to see you guys do a pure stop-motion video similar to Corridor's. It'd be extremely time consuming, but I think ya'll could do something cool with it some day. Keep up the good work, yo.

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