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Yuneec E-GO Intro Trailer HD

Yuneec E-GO Intro Trailer HD

hi sport filet I’m in Venice Beach today to tell you about the unique ego electric skateboard the ego is really light at thirteen point nine pounds it’s really easy to carry around wherever you need to go with the wireless remote you can switch from turtle to rabbit to increase your speed and eco and sport to increase your torque when you push the slider forward on the remote you will go faster and to stop or slow down pull back an LED light indicator on the remote shows you your poor charge status and remote chart status it will also vibrate when the board gets to 25% charge in the smartphone app you can use speed and odometer to see your total distance sound when you slow down the regenerative braking system charges the battery [Music] there’s a USB port to charge your remote or phone wherever you go the rubber-mounted flexible battery deck allows for classic long boarding field [Music] large 90 millimeter wheels provide maximum traction even on rough surfaces [Music] it’s so fun the way people look and wonder how you’re skating socially [Music]

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