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Yuzuru Hanyu – Skate Canada 2019 FS [CZE commentary + ENG subs]

Yuzuru Hanyu – Skate Canada 2019 FS [CZE commentary + ENG subs]

Now, here’s Yuzuru Hanyu. This is his fourth time competing at Skate Canada but until now he has always placed only in second place. Each time he was beaten by Patrick Chan who holds a record of winning Skate Canada six times. Since [Patrick] has already retired, Hanyu might finally take his first ever win in this competition. [Yuzuru] chose for his free program a song by violinist Edvin Marton from his album “Art On Ice” and his ice show with Evgeni Plushenko and called it “Origin”. 4Lo 4S 3Lz Now we’ve just got into the second half of his program, 4T. 4T-euler-3F 3A3T 3A2T Well, this was really something incredible, just unearthly, done by Yuzuru Hanyu. And the Japanese knows, so now he can enjoy this moment of …. more than just a well done job. All the performances by others are suddenly forgotten right now… Well, not only in men’s competition but basically all the events of this Skate Canada, maybe only with the exception of the Russian Trusova. But [his skating] is the real figure skating. Brilliant musicality, great involvement, superb performance, excellent choreography and fantastic technical elements on top of that. Congratulations by Nam Nguyen, and also by his coach, the two times Skate Canada champion Brian Orser [incorrect comment: Brian won it three times]. Hanyu landed four great quadruple jumps, two of them in the second half. That second half of his program is incredible: 4T, 4T3F, 3A3T and 3A2T. Somehow, we can say that Yuzuru Hanyu has become the first skater of this competition who didn’t let be overshadowed by Trusova. [He did] exactly the opposite, he took it by storm, maybe even [enough for] a new world record in free skate, which is still held by Nathan Chen from last Worlds, it’s 216 points. Even though Hanyu did “only” four quads compared to Chen’s six quads, he might still be very close. There are going to be some 10’s in PCS for sure, hard to say how many tho. Hanyu’s personal best in free program is 206 points, 10 points behind Chen’s. He beats [his personal best] but not the world record. 213 points. Great score. And 322.6 in total. Incredible score. Well, actually not even [this total score] is enough for the world record. It’s short by 0.8 points. Really just tiny bit is missing.


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