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ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator Review and Use

ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator Review and Use

over the holidays I was approached by the company nunda with about a product called the Zeus is Z us and basically this is just a neat add-on that works with pretty much any vehicle that has a 12-volt accessory outlet has a number of features for starters it has two high powered USB ports each one is about two little over 2 amp to switch to the back side here you know I’ll just start at the beginning here this is called the Zeus smart car charger for starters it has two times the charging speed and a max of 4.8 amps it claims it can charge two iPads at full speed so it’s two sides two times faster than a normal car charger I would agree with that as almost every car charger i found and it’s generally about 2 or 2.2 amps and it’s shared between both ports this says it has a total of four point eight which is great because if i plug in say two dead iphones into mine on my car those phones are going to take forever to charge and even longer either one of them’s running a GPS it also has elegant shine light lighting the top-of-the-line lighting to enhance usability in dark environments so it is a litte harder claims military grade quality the only car charger to meet US military blah blah blah high temperature standards I’m not going to read the serial you know specific numbers there it has a smart car locator automatically remember where you have parked your car it is designed in Germany it’s sophisticated designed to complement any car and smart device detection auto detect device type and adjust for full speed charging that is really neat what’s intriguing is the car locator feature which I am I’d love to test that out so let’s open it up now and see what is inside the box get my handy dandy worn-out knife and I’m going to test it out on my Tesla however since the Tesla already has a lot of this tech built into it already I’m actually going to regift this to my mother who after 30 years with a brick standard style phone have finally gotten her to upgrade to an iphone 5c we’re starting to out slow and I think she could make use of that with her Lincoln sturdy product packaging let’s see developed by nanda in California assembled in china and it does require iPhone iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7.1 or newer or Android 4.3 or newer so we’ll cut the last little tag here grab them to peel it off is easier actually it’s very nice packaging beautiful Wow impressive let’s see I just don’t want to break this taking it out okay some tabs go into the USB I think that could be improved on for the package in just a little bit I mean those tabs don’t need to be as long and the front there we go and there we have it then we have the product manual fairly straightforward let’s put the package on the side nundah so you can get known to on the App Store or Google Play so let’s load up the app store on my phone search for Zeus is the u.s. I suppose I could be pronouncing that wrong and there we go let’s get it is free size is 15 mix or not too big so i’ll let that download and we’ll come back to that in a minute open the zeus app plug in Zeus into your car cigarette lighter and start the car’s engine Zeus’s lights should turn on Zeus is now ready to connect turn on your devices Bluetooth the app will search for Zeus and automatically connect whenever you park your car Zeus will automatically save your car’s location when you need to find your car open the app and follow the arrow the app will indicated here when your car is close by and within sight fairly meet now I don’t have an engine but I’m guessing when they say start the engine that pretty much just means turn the key on at least enough to get the power to the 12-volt outlet since most of the 12 volt outlets most cars nowadays are disabled when when you shut the key off well we’ll be going out to the car in just a minute however allows us to access your location even when you are not using the app you’re going to want to do that that will help you locate your car quicker you know background Zeus would like to send you push notifications you’re going to want to have ok on that too as that will allow it to actually pop up information when it finds your vehicle sign up or login with your facebook account or email address below personally I don’t like linking things to my facebook but you can if you so desire I am going to go and sign up just on my own so I shall do that sign up and I will see you all again inside myself now we are in the car and I have the Zeus device I’m going to set that down for a minute now what you’re going to want to do is go to the let’s just follow their directions step 1 download the f so I went to the apple I store app store and of course it’s on google play as well and i downloaded the zeus app so step two would be open the zeus app allows us to access your location even when you are not using the app yes allow Zeus would like to send you notifications okay now plug Zeus into your car’s cigarette lighter start the car’s engine well we’re in a Tesla so there’s no engine to start but I think they want it started that way most cars if you don’t have a key in the ignition there’s no power to the 12 volt socket so fucking the Zeus into I 12-volt auxiliary its way down here in hard to see spot so just plugging it in I’ll do a close up shot later now we got lights blinking and the USB port lights are blinking as well okay step 3 let’s zoom in on the on the phone now a little bit step 3 Zeus lights should now turn on Zeus is now ready to connect turn on your devices Bluetooth already is the app will search for Zeus automatically and connect hmm well I think they left out the part about signing up so let me sign now that we are logged in it says screen is now taking over for directions so it says plugin it’s already plugged in it continued connected successful Zeus is connected press home button to close the app leaving it working in the background and there’s me it’s actually currently using the uses the phone’s GPS so Zeus is connected so check out some settings here is my email address parking lot sounds unit feet are mirrors referral how this works fax feedback and remove so that’s it Zeus is connected the next step according to the instructional pamphlet whenever you park your car Zeus will automatically save your car’s location when you need to find your car open the app and follow the arrow the app will indicate here when your car is close by and when within sight well let’s walk away from the car now all right now since my car doesn’t use a key the only way to shut it off and its really not shut off but is to close the door so let’s go for a little walk just got a message a little too hard to see says location saves successfully do you need to set a parking timer and here we go set alarm so if you’re parked at a meter it will also keep track of your meter parking time I am NOT going to set an alarm as we’re leaving the location of the car not only is it telling me the approximate distance i am from the vehicle and now this is all out of line you don’t need a data plan or anything to use this so i think we’re far enough 150 feet from the car within about 30 feet and it’s also got a zip right out here it’s also got a compass so as I turn to compass points to where the car is parked so car is right there so put the the map the map also shows where I am in relation to the vehicle so let’s to bet it can output the screen directly but let’s follow the arrow it’s pointing pretty much directly to the car and do a little spin here just in a 360 I suppose I should have did this with the iPad beautiful beautiful sunny day out Wisconsin here and arrow marks the spot only it’s a little off on the distance but there it is and my baby needs a bath it is off on the distance but as I’m walking around the vehicle car is nearby I sure hope so very very neat product the main bonus now since this isn’t most cars don’t have the built-in like like the Tesla do where this is built into the Tesla app and that’s all connected I should say I’m cellular connected the big big bonus about this and Zeus is connected and because the Zeus device is now on is because this is an offline device the map is required cellular but the car does not because every all the functions are done on your phone itself so if you want the map you need cellular but if you don’t have cellular OOP wants my GPA my gyro whatever mohammed ur killin Brandon but if you don’t have it it will still be able to do the GPS pointing with the arrow to help you locate your vehicle and also do the parking timer neat neat product great for those massive parking spaces excuse me mall parking lots so neat product the price is low enough to be worthwhile and just the price alone is competitive with with regular car chargers this was a Griffin this but 15 bucks and it ends up falling apart and the light is so bright I actually took black sharpie overall the light because it’s so bright it could have literally blind that thing was brighter than my Center screen but that is a nice even light not too bright it is just right and I’m not trying to rhyme smile cheese


I have read a review on amazon about this product,the reviewer says that it is a 4 out 5 stars and that when no GPS or if the car is parked in a multi-structure the Zus app will advise you to photograph your location. Other than that an outstanding product.

Stated above: "Those USB ports are 4.8 Amp each."
The video says 4.8 Amp total. So maximum of 2.4 Amps per port if both used.
Which is correct?

18Xs too long of a video to explain a simple device. Bla, bla, bla…. Looks like a smart idea. I might have to try it out for kicks.

can this device find a car in the basement parking in malls
or can it find my car when mobile does not have a network or internet connectivity

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